Our Average Mongolia Travel Costs Per Day

Are you planning a journey to Mongolia? And do you wonder how much budget you’re going to need? Our average Mongolia travel costs per day might help you with that. Note that all amounts mentioned are based upon 2 persons and spent in September 2016.

We spent 16 nights in Mongolia; one week on an excellent trip to the Gobi Desert and the second week relaxing and hanging out in Ulaanbaatar.

Average Mongolia travel costs per day for a trip to the Gobi Desert

€ 132,16 (MNT 325.800)

We spent € 756,47 for a 6 night/7 day guided Classic Gobi trip. We paid a tip of € 36,51 afterwards. So in total it was € 792,98 (MNT 1.954.800). This includes accommodation in a Ger tent, plenty of food and drinks (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, coca cola, water), transportation, guide and driver. Read more about this awesome Gobi Desert trip.

Average Mongolia travel costs per day while being in Ulaanbaatar

€ 88,41 (MNT 218.672)

This includes accommodation, food and drinks, transportation, excursions and other stuff like laundry, shampoo and so on. The breakdown is as follows:

Average cost per day in euro

€ 22,22
Food And Drinks
€ 16,81
€ 43,01
€ 5,81
Other Daily Stuff
€ 0,56
Total daily costs in Russia (2 persons)
€ 88,41



Mongolia travel costs for accommodation

We spent € 22,22 per night for accommodation in Ulaanbaatar. This is based upon a private double room in a simple hostel with a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen. We booked all our hostels via Booking.com.

Eating Burgers In Ulaanbaatar
Eating Burgers In Ulaanbaatar

Mongolia travel costs for food and drinks

We spent € 16,81 per day for food and drinks in Ulaanbaatar. I think this is half of the time cooking ourselves, and half of the time grabbing a bite to eat at a Chinese, Indian, or American restaurant. We also bought beers at bars or restaurants. Obviously, you can do it cheaper if you like.

Mongolia travel costs for transportation

As you can see in the breakdown above, transportation is almost half of our total daily costs. This is the train from Ulan Ude (Russia) to Ulaanbaatar and was € 430 for 2 persons. We booked our train tickets from Saint Petersburg to Beijing via RealRussia. Since we spent 10 nights in Ulaanbaatar (not taking into account the 6 nights doing the Gobi tour), this is an average of € 43,01 per day.

Mongolia travel costs for excursions

We spent € 58,15 for a taxi ride (return way) to the Chenggis statue and the entrance fee to go up the statue. We definitely recommend doing this. Since we spent 10 nights in Ulaanbaatar, it’s an average of € 5,81 per day for excursions.

Mongolia travel costs for other daily stuff

We spent € 0,56 on average per day for other stuff like shampoo.

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Fixed costs

Besides our average cost per day mentioned above we also have fixed costs. Our fixed costs for Mongolia concerns only the Visa fees. We also have more generic fixed costs. For us this exists of Travel Insurance, Healthcare Insucance, Storage costs, Bank charges and Apple subscriptions.

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