Our Average Russia Travel Costs Per Day

Are you planning a journey to Russia? And do you wonder how much budget you’re going to need? Our average Russia travel costs per day might help you with that. Note that all amounts mentioned are based upon 2 persons and spent in August and September 2016.

Average Russia travel costs per day

€ 94,31 (RUB 2.708)

This includes accommodation, food and drinks, transportation, excursions and other stuff like laundry, shampoo and so on. The breakdown is as follows:

Average cost per day in euro

€ 19,06
Food And Drinks
€ 20,95
€ 51,42
€ 0,64
Other Daily Stuff
€ 2,24
Total daily costs in Russia (2 persons)
€ 94,31



Russia travel costs for accommodation

We spent € 19,06 per night for accommodation in Russia. This is based upon a private double room in a simple hostel with a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen.

Great thing about hostels in Russia is the fact that most of them have washing machines and dryers and you can do your laundry for free. This means less costs for laundry. Also, a lot of hostels provide free drinking water. We booked all our hostels via Booking.com.

Cooking ourselves a nice pasta in Russia
Cooking ourselves a nice pasta in Russia

Russia travel costs for food and drinks

We spent € 20,95 per day for food and drinks in Russia. This is based upon cooking ourselves most of the times. We love our homemade pasta’s with a lot of veggie’s. And once in a while grabbing a bite to eat at a buffet or fast food restaurant. We also bought beers and coffee at bars and coffee houses. Obviously, you can do it cheaper if you like.

Russia travel costs for transportation

Now, this was our highest average cost per day in Russia. We booked our train tickets via RealRussia and it was quite expensive. We booked 9 train tickets, this means we got off at 10 different cities in Russia, from Saint Petersburg to Ulan Ude. In total it costs us € 1.333,36. Again, this is for 2 persons.

Take into account the bus ride from Estonia to Saint Petersburg, the bus from Vladimir to Suzdal and back and from Irkutsk to Listvyanka and back and our total cost of transportation in Russia was € 1.388,46. Since we spend 27 days there, this is an average of € 51,42 per day.

Impressive Hermitage in St. Petersburg
Impressive Hermitage in St. Petersburg

Russia travel costs for excursions

We only went to Hermitage. We didn’t book any other tours or excursions while traveling through Russia. The entrance fee for Hermitage is RUB 600 per person. This means € 17,39 for the two of us. Since we spent 27 days in Russia, it’s only an average of € 0,64 per day for excursions.

Russia travel costs for other stuff

We spent € 2,24 on average per day for other stuff like shampoo, using public toilets, souvenirs and so on.

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Fixed costs

Besides our average cost per day mentioned above we also have fixed costs. Our fixed costs for Russia concerns only the Visa fees. We also have more generic fixed costs. For us this exists of Travel Insurance, Healthcare Insucance, Storage costs, Bank charges and Apple subscriptions.

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