Jannah Asaad


4-18 years, young adults

“Happiness is connecting with yourself and others”

About Jannah 

Undergraduate Degree in Social Work from University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Masters in Social Work from Fordham University, NY

Philosophy of Care

Everyone progresses at their own pace. I am here to provide your child and family with the support and strategies to help navigate through your unique set of challenges.

Why Therapy?

I grew up in a community where therapy and mental health interventions were heavily stigmatized resulting in many people around me struggling in silence. It became my personal and professional mission to challenge the stigma and help remove barriers to mental health treatment. I choose to work as a therapist because I know how powerful it can be to have someone there supporting and encouraging you to be your best and most authentic self. I hope to help guide people through personal challenges, help ease emotional burdens, and empower individuals to achieve a healthier mind.

Fun Fact

I love to travel!

At Home 

I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to true crime and decorating my house. I love anything outdoors, especially the beach!

Words of Wisdom

Therapy should be collaborative. It is not just listening and it is not advice-giving. Advice-giving, in contrast, is a fairly one-sided process. Collaborative therapy is about working together to set goals and objectives. It is about participating in conversations and finding solutions to the problems presented and working to establish pathways to achieve these goals. Therapy is your space and you are allowed and encouraged to ask your therapist for what you need and share what isn’t working.

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