Hello! We are Kim and Justin, a Dutch couple who’ve been part-time travelers for over six years after living on the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

Welcome to Hello Backpack! This is where we share our amazing travel adventures, useful travel guidestips ‘n tricks and much more.

Exploring Koh Lanta in Thailand by scooter
Exploring Koh Lanta in Thailand by scooter

How we became travel addicts

We lived on Curaçao, a little piece of paradise in the Caribbean for almost ten years. What it was like to live there? White sandy beaches with clear blue waters, palm trees waving in the wind, fantastic scuba diving, and great places to sip on a cocktail while enjoying another unforgettable sunset. That pretty much sums it up. Sure, we had lots of fun! But still — something was missing.

It was time to exchange our laid back Island lifestyle for a life full of adventure.

We always dreamed of traveling around the world for a year. So we quit our jobs, sold almost everything we owned and bought two one-way tickets to Bangkok. We started backpacking through Asia, worked as real carnies at a fun fair in Australia, bought a campervan and conquered the Australian outback, and were awed by the beauty of New Zealand. Oh boy — we were hooked!

We visited 39 countries, traveled 326.808 kilometers, and counting!

After a year of awesome travels, we moved from Curaçao to the Netherlands. Although we had a full-time job there for more than three years, we managed to travel a lot — really a lot!

But eventually we got itchy feet. So we quit our jobs again to travel around the world for another year. We left the Netherlands for an amazingly epic journey. We took a few months to travel by train from Amsterdam to southern China, stopping at places like the Baltic states, Russia and Mongolia along the way. After that we spend another half year in Asia before heading back to the Netherlands.

So what’s up with this blog?

Yup, we know. There are already tons of great travel blogs out there. Actually, we used many of them over the years ourselves — and they all are extremely helpful. Because of that, they inspired us to start our own travel blog and to share our travel experiences as well.

Hopefully we can inspire you too — to travel more, explore the world and maybe even start your own travel blog about it!

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Thanks for reading our blog!

— Kim and Justin

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