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Hello Backpack

Backpack Healthcare’s premier app, is the cornerstone of inclusive pediatric mental health care. It’s a unique resource for children, young adults, parents, and caregivers; a solid platform for mental health professionals, healthcare partners, schools, employers, and everyone involved in nurturing our children’s well-being.

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After a parent signs up on our app or website, their child creates a personalized avatar. We then ask the child some questions that help us gather base-line data on how they are feeling.


We then use the child’s avatar to make them a starring character in their own story, using clinically developed and written interactive stories called bibliotherapy, designed to help the child process their feelings as if they were with a therapist.

Daily Data

Every day, our AI-driven software collects daily data about the child’s mood, sleep patterns, and severity of symptoms, which helps us customize their sessions over time.


If a child needs more personalized or urgent treatment, Backpack Healthcare will notify the parent and help schedule a live, virtual therapist within 4 days (currently for Maryland residents). Our therapists have received world-class training and they ALL accept EVERY insurance.

What is Bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy is our creation of interactive workbooks as an additional resource for improving your child’s ability to Identify, understand, and cope with their emotional and psychological challenges. Depending on your child’s diagnosis, they will be prescribed a workbook specific to their mental health needs.

We’ve created a playful theme park known as Backpack Land in which each of our books take place. When we have experiences that are emotionally challenging, we carry them with us in our daity life. We use backpacks as a representation of how these things are carried. A trip through Backpack Land is our way to reduce the weight of your child’s backpack

The workbooks are designed In accordance with the progression of your chlld’s theraphy Sessions with their clinician. They will be offered and challenged with a variety of storles. games, and coping strategies. This will help build upon what they are learning in the therapy session and offer reinforcement of those concepts in a fun way.

How Does It Work

We believe it is crucial for individuals to recognize that conditions are something that are experienced, but do not identity or determine who you are. Within our app, your child will be able to build their own personal avatar who will appear in various areas of the workbook alongside our characters. The characters within the workbooks aro representative of the variety of conditions that individuals experience. We decided to create conditions as characters as a way to depict a physical representalion of the concept of externalization; enforcing our belief that ‘you are not your diagnosis.’ Your child will get to interact with the workbook to be able to define their own experiences of their challenges.

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The Backpack Healthcare app is designed to help children process their feelings through a personalized and engaging experience. Interactions will produce critical data to customize their sessions over time. Suppose a child needs a direct interaction with one of our specialists or urgent treatment. In that case, Backpack Healthcare will notify the parent to schedule a live, virtual therapy session within four days.

Our licensed therapists are trained to world-class standards. We accept every insurance.

“Start Your        Hello Backpack Adventure Today”

“Start Your Hello Backpack Adventure Today”

“Start Your Hello Backpack Adventure Today”