Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 

Ongoing pattern of inattention, impulsivity, and/or hyperactivity that affects many areas of life including school, work, home, relationships, and daily functioning.  

2 subtypes: Inattention & Hyperactivity/Impulsivity


Difficulty Paying Attention

Easily distracted, trouble staying focused, finishing assignments, making careless mistakes.


Struggle to keep tidy and organized. Arriving late to school & other activities. Disorganized routine.


Forget to do chores/assignments/tasks, even when reminded multiple times. Frequently misplace items such as glasses, phone, homework.

Difficulty Following Instructions

Trouble following multi-step instructions without getting lost. Space out often, even when spoken to directly.

Hyperactive /Impulsivity

Fidgeting & Restless

Constantly tapping feet, wiggling, or moving hands even when expected to sit still. Unable to stay seated.

Talking Excessively

Interrupt conversations, difficulty taking turns, impatient, struggle to play quietly.


Act out without thinking about the consequences. Might make impulsive decisions, such as hitting a peer when feeling frustrated at them.

Warning Signs

Academic and Work Issues

Performance in school or work is impacted due to difficulty focusing and completing tasks.

Social Difficulties

Struggle in social settings due to inattention/hyperactivity.

Emotional Challenges

Quick mood swings, emotional outbursts, difficulty managing frustration & impatience (may be impacting family/friend relationships).

Memory Problems

Frequently forgetting important dates, appointments, and tasks; misplacing items and spending a lot of time searching for them.