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Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Condition that affects how a child talks, interacts with others, and behaves; having a unique way of thinking and seeing the world.  

Symptoms must be present in early childhood even if they are unnoticed until they are older. 


Communication & Interaction

Talking & Listening

May find it hard to have regular conversations. They might not understand facial expressions or gestures well.

Making Friends

Difficulties making friends or connecting with family. Sharing feelings and interests might be tricky.

Restricted Repetitive Patterns of Behavior Interests, or Activities

Repeating Actions

A child might do the same actions, words, or phrases over and over again. They might really like certain routines or objects.

Strict Routines

Changes in routines might upset a child with ASD. They like things to be the same and predictable.

Special Interests

Might be super interested in certain things, maybe more than other kids. These interests can be very important to them.

Sensory Sensitivity

May be very sensitive to things like lights, sounds, textures, or smells. Some things might bother them a lot or they might really like certain sensations.

Warning Signs


Not responding to name, limited eye contact, difficulty sharing.


Delayed speech, repetitive language, trouble having back/forth conversations.

Repetitive Actions

Repeating actions over and over, like hand-flapping or rocking; repetitive/strict routines (do not respond well to change).

Special Interests

Focused on one thing & hard to change focus.


Sensitive to sights or sounds; unusual behaviors (repeat sounds, look at objects upside down).