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Persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a lack of interest or pleasure in activities.Symptoms should signal a change from usual behavior & cause significant distress or impairment in daily functioning.
Depressed mood/loss of interest/pleasure must be present along with several of the following


Depressed Mood- Sad, irritable, down most of the day almost everyday. 

Loss of interest/Pleasure- No longer interested in enjoyable activities. 

Weight/Appetite Changes- Noticeable weight loss/gain. .

Sleep Disturbances- Excessive sleeping/trouble sleeping. 

Sleep Disturbances- Excessive sleeping/trouble sleeping. 

Suicidal Thoughts 

Sleep Disturbances- Excessive sleeping/trouble sleeping. 

Difficulty Concentrating- Problems focusing, making decisions, remembering things 

Appearance- Restless/slowed down expression, stop caring about hygiene/appearance. 


Behavioral Changes

A usually outgoing teenager becomes withdrawn, spending most of their time alone in their room. 

Academic Decline

A-grade student's grades drop, no interest in school

Loss of Interest

Your child used to love playing soccer but suddenly shows no interest in attending practices or games. 


A usually patient child becomes easily annoyed, snapping at family members.

Warning Signs

Persistent Sadness

Consistently sad, hopeless, or tearful.


Withdrawn from social activities, friends, family.

Changes in Sleep Patterns

Watch for significant changes in sleep, such as insomnia or excessive sleeping. 

Physical Complaints

Headaches, stomach issues, fatigue with no medical cause.

Negative Self Talk

Low self-esteem, self-critical

Talk of Death or Suicide

Any mention of death, dying, or suicide should be taken seriously and discussed with a professional