Written by Jahneen Keatz , LMSW. Clinically reviewed by Jenny Ryan, LCSW-C

As summer ends and the school year starts, kids and parents must prioritize their mental health.

Statistics show 40% of parents are most concerned about their kids developing depression or anxiety, while 35% worry about their children being bullied.

Here are some helpful tips on how to support better mental well-being this school year:

Hold Open Conversations

Encourage honest talks with your child regarding their thoughts on the approaching school year.

During the last two years, 61% of parents have been very or extremely concerned about their children’s mental health. It is important to recognize their excitement or worry and reassure them that their feelings are normal.

Establish Routine Gradually

Begin adjusting to a school routine a few weeks before the start of the school year. Adjust meals and sleeping time gradually to reduce the shock of rapid shifts, enabling improved mental and emotional readiness.

Lead by Example

Parents should set a good example of stress management and prioritize their own psychological well-being. Because of their child’s mental health, 71% of parents reported that the demands of their job were considerably more difficult to bear.

Children learn by observation; if they see their parents taking care of themselves, they are more inclined to do the same.

Seek Professional Help

Depression, anxiety, and social isolation among adolescents grew significantly during COVID-19 and show no prospects of decreasing soon. Do not hesitate to get treatment from a skilled mental health practitioner if you observe persistent indications of depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems.

These are just a few ideas for prioritizing mental wellness as the school year begins. Every child is unique, so determining what works best for your family is critical. Good luck! 

Backpack Health is here to support your child with their mental health. Reach out to us for therapy and psychiatry services, and keep an eye out for our self-care app coming soon.


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