Ashley Carter


7-18 years, young adults, 25+

“Happiness is moving forward from the past and having hope for the future ”

About Ashley 

I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree from UNC Charlotte and my Master of Science in Clinical Psychology degree from California State University Fullerton.

Philosophy of Care

Everyone progresses at their own pace. I am here to provide your child and family with the support and strategies to help navigate through your unique set of challenges.

Why Therapy?

I love to see the effect that therapy can have on children/teens and how the skills learned can improve their relationships with family and parents, and to help them attain their full potential and improve their lives through guidance, encouragement, insight, and the development of new skills.

Fun Fact

I have driven across the United States not once, but twice!!

At Home 

Listening to music, watching Netflix, napping, exercising, outdoor activities- hiking, talking walks, shopping.

Words of Wisdom

You can never know if something works until you try! Therapy may not be for everyone, but everyone can take something away from attending therapy.

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