Jodie M Rohrer


4-18 years, young adults, 25+

"Happiness is the warm fuzzy feeling that envelops your heart."

About Jodie 

Master of Social Work, University of Maryland 2020

Bachelor of Arts in Government, Manhattan College 2018

Philosophy of Care

There is never a dull moment working with children and families. I love interacting with the unique energy, creativity, and personalities of children and how they function within their family system. I believe that collaborating with families in an therapeutic process can be a transformative experience in confronting the intergenerational cycle of abuse and trauma. I am always amazed at the insights I gain from children and families, and their profound resilience in the face of adversity is inspiring.

At Home 

At home, I enjoy traveling, camping, building LEGO sets, and pickleball.

Fun Fact

I traveled across the United States in a van for 3 months.

Who I will see for Therapy 

Couples, Families

Words of Wisdom

“The work of healing is a delicate dance of validating pain while nurturing resilience.” – Brene Brown

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