Nadell Asuru-Acey


7-18 years, young adults, 25+

"Happiness is Creating love, acceptance of self, and family.”

About Nadell 

I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Maryland, Global Campus and master’s in social work through Virginia Commonwealth University

Philosophy of Care

Everyone progresses at their own pace. I am here to provide your child and family with the support and strategies to help navigate through your unique set of challenges.

Why Therapy?

Every voice deserves to be heard because silence can cause internal death. Through child and family mental and behavioral therapy a safe space is given while the family learns how to respect one another by listening, defining roles, excepting boundaries, and processing emotions

Fun Fact

I love traveling

At Home 

I make my soap and lotions. I also can sit in the dark by the window and listen to the rain.

Words of Wisdom

“Do not apologize for who you are because it is not your responsibility to make someone else comfortable with the beauty of YOU.”

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