Robin Handy


11-18 years, young adults, 25+

“Happiness is believing in the hope of tomorrow.”

About Robin 

Bachelors Degree in Social Work from Bowie State University.
Masters Degree in Social Work from University of Maryland, School of Social Work.

Philosophy of Care

Everyone progresses at their own pace. I am here to provide your child and family with the support and strategies to help navigate through your unique set of challenges.

Why Therapy?

I like to say therapy chose me and my passion for people led me to working with young people to help them flourish mentally and emotionally.

Fun Fact

I love ice cream and my favorite flavor is butter pecan.

At Home 

At home I enjoy playing with my dog, crafting, reading, cooking, and creative journaling for wellness.

Words of Wisdom

Never lose your imagination! It is a place you can draw light when things seem dark. Always imagine the best for yourself.

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