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Ryan Glassband



"Happiness is evolving as we grow and change."

About Ryan 

Master’s in Clinical Social Work – Walden University,

Undergrad in Psychology – Towson University

Philosophy of Care

Child and family therapy is my opportunity to create a meaningful impact. I am privileged to witness incredible transformations in people’s lives, knowing that these changes can have a ripple effect for generations. While it only takes one person to make a difference, in therapy, we make that difference together. Through our collaborative efforts, we embark on a transformative journey, helping to redefine your narrative

Happiness is…

Happiness is evolving as we grow and change.

Fun Fact

I am a certified personal trainer.

At Home 

At home, I enjoy cooking, exercising, reading, painting and hiking.

Words of Wisdom

You are deserving of kindness and compassion, especially from yourself!

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