Veronica Renderos


4-18 years, young adults, 25+

“Happy is knowing who you are and embracing it”

About Veronica 

Bachelor of Social work Minor in Psychology from The University of Maryland, Baltimore
Master of Social Work from Widener University, PA

Philosophy of Care

Everyone progresses at their own pace. I am here to provide your child and family with the support and strategies to help navigate through your unique set of challenges.

Why Therapy?

Therapy gives people a voice and it empowers them to feel confident in themselves. Everyone deserves to be understood and to be guided through their life trials. Therapy also helps people to accept themselves and learn to use their strengths to get through life.

Fun Fact

Spanish is my first language.

At Home 

I enjoy sitting in silence and relaxing. I like to read positive and spiritual books, journaling my thoughts and feelings. I enjoy watching suspenseful tv shows and movies. Catching up virtually with my sister and baby nephew. Going out for drives and listening to music.

Words of Wisdom

We don’t have to be perfect and have it all together in life. Life is not a linear journey; it can take us in all directions. Be thankful even in the most challenging times because they may give you the willpower to move through life.

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