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When building your employee benefits package, pediatric mental health may not be a top-of-mind concern.

However, access to mental health care benefits is a major factor in choosing an employer for working parents under 40. 

Not only is this benefit something your employees will use and appreciate, but it also directly impacts your employees’ wellbeing, happiness, and workplace engagement.

At Backpack Healthcare, we make it easy for employer partners to bring therapy, psychiatry, and mental health workshops to employees and their families. In this article, we’ll examine 3 key ways this offering can benefit your employees and their families:

1. Improved Employee Attendance

Research tells us that children’s mental health has a major impact on work attendance. In fact, 53% of parents miss work at least once per month because of concerns for their children’s mental health, according to a study from On Our Sleeves and the Nationwide Foundation.

And even when parents are at work, 75% report that mental health or bullying is their number one concern for their children. 

By providing comprehensive, accessible therapy to your employees and their families, you can help decrease the amount of time parents need to spend worrying about their children’s mental health.

And because Backpack’s services are all provided virtually, it’s incredibly easy for parents and their kids to access therapy wherever and whenever they need it, with no travel time required!

2. Healthy Families Lead to Happier, More Productive Employees

Backpack Healthcare doesn’t only focus on children. While we specialize in pediatric mental healthcare, we make sure to care for the needs of the whole family. This can include counseling for parents, family therapy sessions, and parent mental health workshops.

These tools give parents the skills they need to help both their children and themselves. 

When your employees know their families are being cared for, they’re much more able to give work their full attention, and you’ll likely see their productivity increase.

3. Show Your Employees You Care

Beyond the direct benefits to your business, providing pediatric mental health services is a simple, cost effective way to help your employees feel appreciated. 

An Employee Benefits survey found that 70% of people don’t feel valued by their workplace, but you have the opportunity to change that! 

Offering benefits like mental healthcare allow you to show your employees that they’re more than just a number to you and that you care about them as a whole person, not just a worker. 

Partner with Backpack Healthcare to Bring Mental Healthcare to Your Employees’ Families

Personal growth means professional growth. And when your team feels supported, everyone benefits.

Backpack Healthcare can serve as a corporate social responsibility resource for companies whose leadership understands the need for a stress-free, compassionate workplace. Our comprehensive, accessible, and inclusive mental health services include therapy, psychiatry and medication, and mental health workshops. 

Our services are currently available to patients in Maryland, but we have plans to expand throughout 2024. We also have an innovative new mental healthcare app launching soon, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to learn more about all our offerings. Visit, then contact us if you’re ready for more information! 

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